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IMR Trail Boss - Handloads.Com

Trail Boss from IMR (now owned by Hodgdon) is a new powder developed by the Australian company ADI, Ltd for the low velocity cast bullet loads favored by the Cowboy ...

New "Trail Boss" Smokeless Powder from IMR -

I have recently been testing a new powder just introduced by IMR Powder Company that is called "Trail Boss". As the name suggests, it is aimed squarely at Cowboy ...

Reloading for Cowboy Action Shooting - Curt Rich

RELOADING FOR COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING ... , and Hodgdon worked up minimum loads for each of its powders for Cowboy Action Shooting. ... TRAIL BOSS.

Hodgdon Trail Boss - Reloading Unlimited

Hodgdon Trail Boss, primarily a pistol powder, was designed specifically for low velocity lead bullets suitable for Cowboy Action shooting.

Low Recoil Loads | Hodgdon Reloading

Low Recoil Loads. November 20, 2013. One ... Designed for Cowboy Action Shooting, Trail Boss has proven to be a great way to get more practice with your big bore ...

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Subsonic .308 Win Handloads Testing & Understanding

2017-Mar-23 -

In this test I'll be loading several bullet options from Hornady and I'll be using the premier subsonic powder on the market: IMR Trail Boss Powder. Trail Boss (TB) was originally designed to work in cowboy action cartridges like .38 Special and .45

Long-Serving Horseman Retiring

2017-Mar-10 -

Nolan Melin, left , loads one of his five mules with gear on the Stillwater Trail in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness in 2011. (Traute (AP) Blowing up dead animals was "just part of the deal" in the 16 seasons Nolan Melin worked as a

The One-cartridge Hobby: .357 Magnum

2016-Apr-25 -

Trail Boss is an awesome powder for loading the 158 grain semiwadcutter to moderate magnum levels, retaining good performance and fun without inducing arthritis. If part of your plinking enjoyment is testing new handloads for flat shooting and serious 

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stops by the Fort Worth Stock Show

2017-Jan-17 -

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg visited the Fort Worth Stock Show with mayor Betsy Price, pausing to talk about goats before heading in to the rodeo. By Ryan Osborne. LinkedIn · Google+ 

So Long, Little Dogies

2016-Jun-20 -

In 1886 John Blocker, the business-minded brother of the famous trail boss Ab Blocker, was said to have an interest in 82,000 cattle, all of them on the move at once, in various herds, along various trails. A mere four years later it was over. A few

IMR's Trail Boss powder fits in perfectly with other gear for Cowboy ...

IMR's Trail Boss powder fits in perfectly with other gear for Cowboy ...

Reloading for Cowboy Action Shooting

Reloading for Cowboy Action Shooting

IMR Powder Trail Boss Cowboy Action Handgun Powder 5 lbs | Natchez

IMR Powder Trail Boss Cowboy Action Handgun Powder 5 lbs | Natchez

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