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burning rate of trail boss powder - Cast Boolits

burning rate of trail boss powder I have ... has an article about using Trail Boss in other than CAS loads. Though it makes no comparison of relative burn rate, ...

New "Trail Boss" Smokeless Powder from IMR -

New "Trail Boss" Smokeless Powder from IMR by Jeff Quinn. photography by Jeff Quinn. April 18th, 2005 I have recently been testing a ...

Trailboss Burn-rate - The Firing Line Forums

Does anyone happen to have information ranking Trailboss Powder burn rate in order with other common pistol powders such as Bullseye, Red Dot, etc.?

IMR Trail Boss - Handloads.Com

Trail Boss from IMR (now owned by Hodgdon) is a new powder developed by the Australian company ADI, Ltd for the low velocity cast bullet loads favored by the Cowboy ...

Burning Rate Chart - Lapua

2 Current canister powders in order of approximate burning rate. This list is for reference only and not to be used for developing loads. Burning Rate Chart

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Subsonic .308 Win Handloads Testing & Understanding

2017-Mar-23 -

I've found that the 1:12 twist rate isn't fast enough to stabilize most projectiles moving at subsonic speeds. You are almost guaranteed a keyhole from a 1:12 In this test I'll be loading several bullet options from Hornady and I'll be using the

The Runner's High

2017-Mar-30 -

In 2011, researchers at Vanderbilt University in Nashville set a dozen heavy-using pot smokers on treadmills and, over two weeks, had them run ten 30-minute sessions at 60 to 70 percent of their maximum heart rate. The result? A more than 50-percent

Jeff De Young: The dog who saved my life and came to live with me

2017-Apr-03 -

When waterfowl falls from the sky there is no scent trail to follow like there would be with a rabbit or a deer, so the dog has to investigate the area and find the scent on the wind, it's amazing. Dog's noses are so much more I was either going to

Rmy Mtailler's 12 tips for surviving BC trails

2016-Dec-22 -

Who better to aid your chances of survival than Pacific North West emigrant and ultimate trail boss, Rmy Mtailler? La vie est belle, non? Check out Rmy's tips for riding in BC and see him tearing into the trails of Whistler in British Columbia in

Trail of Tears threatened in Tellico Plains, TN wildfire

2016-Nov-17 -

A wildfire in the Tellico Plains area near Cherohala Skyway, threatening a section of the historic Trail of Tears in Monroe County, had grown to approximately 50 acres since it was first spotted overnight, according to officials at the scene Wednesday

Vihtavuori reloading guide_2015_eng_ed 14_w

Vihtavuori reloading guide_2015_eng_ed 14_w

IMR Legendary Powders has announced a product safety warning and ...

IMR Legendary Powders has announced a product safety warning and ...

imr 4166 imr 4166 imr 4451 imr 4451 imr 7977 imr 7977

imr 4166 imr 4166 imr 4451 imr 4451 imr 7977 imr 7977

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Llewellyn W. Johns

Llewellyn W. Johns
L. W. Johns. If vicissitudes, wanderings, and adventures make up an eventful career, then the subject of this sketch has just claims to such distinction. There has not been a single year of the twenty-two that he has...
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