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Compressors - Reviews of the Best Guitar Pedals & Gear

Origin Effects took the guitar playing community by storm a couple years ago when they released the Cali76 Limiting Amplifier, a compression pedal that replicated the ...

MXR Custom Shop CSP202 Custom Comp Compressor Guitar ...

CSP202 Custom Comp Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal Level 2 Regular 190839064684. Blemished $ 111 99.00

Keeley Compressor - Keeley Electronics Guitar Effects Pedals

Input Standard signal input connection. It is possible to connect this pedal to the output of your overdrive/ distortion pedal. I think it sounds best if you go

Compressor Effects Pedals | Musician's Friend

Of all the equipment you can use to refine the sound of your electric guitar, compression and sustain effects pedals are among the most common—and for a good ...

4 Best Websites for Online Guitar Lessons | Equipboard

The first of the Big Two online guitar lesson sites, Guitar Tricks is a behemoth of video lessons and interesting content. If you want to learn guitar but you ...

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Musikmesse 2017: Bogner releases Oxford fuzz and Lyndhurst compressor pedals

2017-Apr-03 -

Best of all, the Oxford sounds and feels fantastic throughout the whole range. Want the classic country twang? Crank the pedal's ratio control, pick a fast attack time, and dig into your favorite Tele. Or try backing off on the squash, flipping the

How to Get a True Country Guitar Sound

2016-Apr-01 -

No other guitar is more closely associated with the sound of country music and its players than the Fender Telecaster. Chances are, most of the chicken pickin' and string poppin' licks you've heard in country songs were done on a Tele or any other

Do You Need a Compressor Pedal?

2016-Jul-25 -

Guitarists love sustain. When a note or chord rings out clearly for a long time without fading too quickly, it just brings a smile to our faces. Many of us are on a constant search for ways to improve sustain, from trying heavier picks and strings, to

Boss BC-1X Bass Compressor Review

2016-Sep-15 -

So what's the big deal about bass compression? It may not be the most glamorous effect, but it's invaluable for evening out your signal and can change your overall tone with the right (or wrong) tweaks. Common complaints about compression are that it

MXR M76 Studio Compressor review

2016-Sep-14 -

MXR's M87 Bass compressor has been around for a little while now, and the new M76 Studio Compressor is more of the same, but with a new look and name, aimed to give it more universal appeal. This is based on the sort of classic compressors you would 

Top-Best-Guitar-Compressor-Pedals-TC-Electronic-HyperGravity ...

Top-Best-Guitar-Compressor-Pedals-TC-Electronic-HyperGravity ...

MXR Dyna Comp Review  Best Guitar Compressor Pedal?

MXR Dyna Comp Review Best Guitar Compressor Pedal?

The Top 10 Best Compressor Pedals (Guitarsite)

The Top 10 Best Compressor Pedals (Guitarsite)

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