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Keeley Compressor

Input Standard signal input connection. It is possible to connect this pedal to the output of your overdrive/ distortion pedal. I think it sounds best if you go

Wampler Mini Ego Compressor Pedal | Sweetwater

The Famed Ego Compressor in a Compact Package. The Wampler Mini Ego Compressor electric guitar effects pedal boasts the same transparent performance that has made its ...

HyperGravity Compressor - TonePrint Enabled Multiband ...

Compress Without Compromise. HyperGravity Compressor's highly advanced multiband dynamics algorithm is the same MD3 compression algorithm that can be found in our ...

MXR Custom Shop CSP202 Custom Comp Compressor Guitar ...

CSP202 Custom Comp Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal Level 2 Regular 190839064684. Blemished $ 111 99.00

Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Deluxe demo by Johnny Hiland

1176-Style Studio Quality Compressor Pedal demonstrated by chicken pickin' extraordinaire Johnny Hiland. Johnny shows how to use a compressor pedal for ...

Off Road Armor & Accessories

Do You Need a Compressor Pedal?

2016-Jul-25 -

Guitarists love sustain. When a note or chord rings out clearly for a long time without fading too quickly, it just brings a smile to our faces. Many of us are on a constant search for ways to improve sustain, from trying heavier picks and strings, to

How to Get a True Country Guitar Sound

2016-Apr-01 -

Chances are, most of the chicken pickin' and string poppin' licks you've heard in country songs were done on a Tele or any other variation of this iconic instrument. There are many reasons why the Telecaster is often employed for country music, but

6 Ways To Expand Your Sound for Under $100

2016-Sep-23 -

Everybody has a budget. The holiday season is fast approaching, and here at Reverb, we're all about helping you find new sounds without taking padding away from your pockets. The leaves are changing -- your sound should too. Whether you're a guitar 

Rig Rundown: Brent Mason

2014-Jun-11 -

Mason has delivered some of the most incredible Tele-whacking, chicken-pickin', double-stopping, face-melting, mind-blowing solos in country music. For most of these sessions, he used a bastardized 1968 Fender a Dunlop MC404 CAE Wah into an Ernie

State of the Stomp: They're Just as Dumb as We Are!

2015-Sep-11 -

No setup I'd construct for years would have a compressor. In fact, I never even tried one when I worked in guitar shops and was expected to recommend them. Years later, after I'd reverted to using a pick, I'd struggle through chicken-pickin' lines and

... Squish Squash your chicken pickin' ~ Ibanez CP10 Compressor Sustainer

... Squish Squash your chicken pickin' ~ Ibanez CP10 Compressor Sustainer

Rex Neo Comp Compressor | Reverb

Rex Neo Comp Compressor | Reverb

Red Witch Grace Compressor Lithium Ion Powered Pedal | Reverb

Red Witch Grace Compressor Lithium Ion Powered Pedal | Reverb

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