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Cerberus Bass Amp | Kuassa

Cerberus Bass Amplifikation is a three-channel bass amplifier Rack Extension/Plug-in that will deliver thundering lows straight from your computer.

Softube - Drawmer S73 Intelligent Master Processor

Drawmer S73 features an enhanced multi-band compressor sound design, fine-tuned to improve your mix with a minimum of tweaking. The S73 does most of the job for you ...

Classic Audio Hardware Emulation, Modeling and Simulation ...

Classic audio hardware emulated by native VST/RTAS plugins. Very welcome to our site. This must be what you are looking for. We made a list of classic (vintage ...

1338 Free Female Vocal Samples | VST Cafe

Would you like to experiment with some vocal samples ? SampleRadar offers 1338 free female vocal samples from singer Mandy Edge. There are about hmmm 200 lines ...

Foo Fighters (album) - Wikipedia

Foo Fighters is the debut studio album by American rock band Foo Fighters, released on July 4, 1995, by Capitol Records through Dave Grohl's label Roswell.

Off Road Armor & Accessories

Secluded new studio Devon Analogue opens by Exmoor

2017-Mar-11 -

Compression and limiting is handled by a pair of Urei 1176 Rev D Blackfaces, a POM Boiler Mk2 Ultra-Limiter and a Chiswick Reach All Valve Compressor, among other units, while an Eventide Harmoniser H3000, Roland Space Echo and a Lexicon PCM 70 

Klanghelm MJUC review

2015-Nov-20 -

MkI is at its best gently gluing things together, making a great second insert compressor for acoustic guitar and vocals, and primary compressor for submixes. Having said that, its fast Timing option (1) is pretty good at adding subtle poke to sounds

10 tell-tale signs of an amateur mix

2012-Jun-09 -

Pan certain parts to extremes: unusual effects, percussive noises and pads go hard left and right; backing vocals can come further in; main vocals and bass usually sit best in the middle. But while there are rules here, don't feel you can't

Lindell Audio 254E review

2015-Dec-07 -

The Neve 2254 was introduced in 1968 as a broadcast compressor and limiter, and, following some modifications, the later 'E' version became a studio standard for its smooth levelling and thick, warm, rounded sound. It's the latter version that's

Native Instruments announce Komplete 11

2016-Aug-01 -

Select is a new entry-level offering, including two of Native Instruments' most popular synths, Massive and Monark, the Replika delay and the Solid Bus compressor. The middle-tier option has some noteworthy additions in version 11, such as Reaktor 6, 

Ultimate bass compressor - Gearslutz Pro Audio Community

Ultimate bass compressor - Gearslutz Pro Audio Community

What is the BEST COMPRESSOR anyway?-lpg_generator_with_cylinder.jpg

What is the BEST COMPRESSOR anyway?-lpg_generator_with_cylinder.jpg

API 312 preamps - should I? - Gearslutz Pro Audio Community

API 312 preamps - should I? - Gearslutz Pro Audio Community

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